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The Adventures of Bill Johnson


Step into the world of Bill Johnson. The world's next counter culture icon.  Sometimes hilariously metaphorical, sometimes heartwarmingly authentic, Bill will amplify the plights of the millions of us unfortunate enough to be stuck in rotten dead-end jobs with seemingly no way out. We’ll follow his journey as he seeks to lift up the powerless and defeat the goliaths of industry and the establishment. While his universe may be zany, whacky, and weird, his appeal is universal. 

Coming soon in 2022!


Scranton Pennsylvania has been called the “It City” by NPR, the “Ground Zero of America’s Presidential Election” by WHYY, the “Guidepost of National Politics” by Axios, and “the all American city” by CNN. It has been mentioned in more political and speeches since 2000 than any other city in America with the exception of Washington DC. Used as shorthand for “Middle America” and “blue collar”, Scranton represents a true bellwether metropolis where a populous evenly splits between red and blue.  Scranton’s national prominence and reputation creates a perfect setting for a dramatic series that’ll explore the struggles and tribulations of average everyday Americans. 

Coming late 2022




The world told them that they could be whatever they wanted to be... But for this group of millennial misfits, reality hit hard. While their future is undetermined, this group of friends are doing their best to make ends meet in a world gone crazy. Join their comedic escapades and follies as they navigate the cold cruel world. 

Coming in 2023

Love in Translation

More info coming soon!

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