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Each day, billions of people around the world check nutrition labels to see if the food they’re eating is organic, kosher, vegan, gluten-free, farm raised, cage-free, or non-GMO. During this laborious process, how often do people consider the packaging that houses the food they’re eating? Our contention is not very often.

At its core, Unpacked, is an exploration into the packaging that we use every single day, and the effects that packaging is having on our bodies and the environment. The film delves deeply into the science of the bottles you drink from and the trays you eat from. We speak to some of the most renowned scientists in the world to get to the bottom of what these products do to the food you eat every day.

Unpacked is groundbreaking, exposing a monumental public health issue that has been swept under the rug and suppressed by “Big Packaging” for years. This film blows the cover off this dangerous reality. In doing so, it exposes countless other adverse effects that packaging has on our environment.

But Unpacked doesn’t just leave the viewer up the creek without a paddle. We give solutions. We speak to individuals who are combatting these nasty products by utilizing green chemistry to develop products that are safe for our bodies and the environment. We speak to individuals who are leading zero waste lifestyles and cutting out packaging from their lives altogether. We empower you, the viewer, to make sound and informed decisions about the packaging you use in your daily life.


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